How to choose the stairs of a private house

Construction of a private home includes a plurality of stages. First of all, this is the design of all parts of the building, placement of rooms and furniture. Need to solve it, what do you want to see the stairs in his house. If you know in advance that you need a ladder in the hallway or attic stairs, then after you will not have problems with stroitelstve. Kakoy a type of staircase you choose, what materials it would not take place, each ladder must meet certain requirements. First, the ladder should be safe. Even a child should calm down or climb over it. Secondly, the ladder should be placed conveniently. The design of the middle corridor, hindering all the tenants, only ruin lives in a private home. Third, the essential strength of the stairs. The design must withstand a certain load, even if the stairs will descend at the same time all the inhabitants of a private house or kottedzha. Vazhen and design of future ladder. If the entire interior is made in classic style, avant-garde ladder with many unusual items only spoil all impression of the situation at home. One caveat – the ladder should be provided with a normal approach. It is essential that close to her was not the big bulky furniture or interior details. An experienced designer knows all the nuances of the issue of construction and design of stairs, so he does not need term paper on this subject, made stranger. He will not enter a query search engines “directional order” only to find out what type of ladder is suitable for the planning of a doma.I yet, march, or a spiral staircase? Most of the designers and builders are recommended to set the house stairway. It can be straight, curved and swivel. Straight stairs is better suited for those who have children, because it is safer. In addition, direct ladder is easy to make to order, production will not take much time. These ladders are advised to put along the walls, beneath them very convenient to equip kladovuyu. Marshevaya ladder, as a rule, have a march with no less than three steps. The maximum recommended number of steps – 18. Also, builders are advised to have a march to the side fence, you can even wall-poruchnem. Vintovaya staircase installed to supplement the basic design. The advantage of such a ladder – her good looks, she is attractive and fits well into the interior. But the spiral structure – not the best option for a private home in which children live and the elderly. In addition, the transfer of furniture can also be difficult. If several people simultaneously want to go down the spiral staircase, the slope will be difficult.

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